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If you purchase 0.7Mpa machine whose actual working pressure is 0.3Mpa, its working process is usually as follows: the screw air compressor first compress the air to 0.7Mpa and reduces the pressure to 0.3Mpa through reducing valve and other ways before use. In other words, you use 0.3Mpa but bear the power consumption caused by 0.7Mpa.

It can also be testified from displacement:

The displacement of a screw air compressor, 132kW and 0.7Mpa, should be 24m3/min, but our 132kW, 0.2Mpa low-pressure screw air compressor, its displacement reached 46.1m3 / min, this is a 0.7Mpa, 250kW unit can be achieved.

High reliability, low noise, energy saving

Real energy saving: In order to reduce your production costs, reduce carbon emissions and protect our green home, we have designed and manufactured a nominal discharge pressure of 0.15 Mpa, 0.2 Mpa of energy-saving series of low-pressure screw-type air compressors for your industry.

Tailor-made: If your equipment only needs under 0.15Mpa, 0.2Mpa, our energy-saving series 0.15Mpa, 0.2Mpa low-pressure screw compressor is your best choice.

Power saving 50%: Whether you are a new investment, or to replace the existing exhaust pressure of 0.7-0.8Mpa screw compressor, our low-pressure screw compressors will save you more than 50% of electricity, and your savings will allow you to recover your investment in less than a year.

Efficient main engine: In order to meet your requirements, 0.15Mpa, 0.2Mpa exhaust pressure efficient SKY series screw compressor host is designed specifically for you, and we also designed for your large oil sub-cylinder and oil filter to ensure fuel consumption in the following 2pm.

High reliability: Choose the energy-saving series of low-pressure screw compressors, is choose a world-class screw compressor, Choose low fuel consumption, low noise and high reliability and higher reliability, is choose to save at least 50% of electricity.

Superior design concept

Dozens of screw air compressor experts in Kaishan North American R & D Center gather compressed air systems decades of research and development manufacturing and application experience, to design more energy efficient, cost-effective products.

SKY series low-pressure special screw compressor

Specially designed for the 0.15 M pa / 0.2 M pa exhaust pressure, which has the best power ratio.

Secondary energy efficiency motor

The main motor adopts the domestic two-level energy-efficient motor which produced by famous enterprises, with high efficiency, big starting torque, low noise and more reasonable structure.

Kerry oil and gas separators

Designed for 0.15Mpa, 0.2Mpa large oil sub-cylinder and oil-core, effectively ensuring a lower fuel consumption.

Air filters, oil and gas separators, oil core 100% from the US original factory.

Adopt forced lubrication pump

To ensure that there is sufficient fuel injection at the very low exhaust pressure, the best oil and gas mixture ratio.

Cooling system

Centrifugal cooling fan; Large size fan motor; Oil cooling fan, frequency conversion start; Low power and low noise; Made in USA.

Kerry Coolant liquid

Kerry synthetic coolant liquid; long life; low temperature and high temperature chemical viscosity stability.

Technical Parameters of KAITEC 0.15Mpa-0.2Mpa Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor



Displacement (mVmin)

Exhaust pressure (barG)

Dimensions (mm)

Exhaust port size






DN125 flange






DN125 flange






DN250 flange






DN250 flange

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