GXY-1A/1/B/1C Core Drilling Rig
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GXY spindle drilling rig is used in engineering geological exploration,survey and exploration of solid mineral deposit,geophysical shot hole drilling and inspect hole of various soncrete structure ect.
According to various stratum,it can be drilling with hard alloy bit,auger bit ect.

It has large input power,large output torque and strong drilling capacity,it adopts ball chuck clamps or hydraulic clamp,structure with oil pressure feed device,GXY-1A,1B,1C drilling rigs hole collar is made way by hydraulic control. so its working efficiency is very high.It can be equipped with drawing mechanism with strong mobilly,the drilling rig have compact structures and light weight,convenient to assemble and disassemble,is suitable to operate in hilly land or mountains area.

Technical Parameters of GXY-1A/1B/1C Core Drilling Rig

Hole diameter(mm) 150,76,46 76,46
Hole depth(m) 40,160,200 160,200
Speed (rpm) P:61-654(4 grades) N:45 P:93-1010(4 grades) N:52
Strokes(mm) 500
Max.Pull down force(kN) 15
Max.Lifting force(kN) 25
Drill rod clamping type Ball chuck Hydraulic
Making type for hole Collar Power head moves backward by hydraulic
Hoist lifting capacity(kN) 15
Hoist lifting speed(m/s) 0.22,0.95,1.95,5.3
Diesel Engine S1100M 2200r/min 11KW
Electric motor Y160M-4 1460r/min 11KW
Diemsions(mm) 1800×1200×1500
Weight(kg) 500 650
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